Sandbox: pixel art #3 REMIX IT!

16 artists had great fun making the 45 tiles of this drawing.

Now, you can add your personal creativity to the mix by building upon their work. Download the zip file below and get cracking.


Perfect for programmers, video artists and other crazy artsy people.

Some ideas to get you started


The Sandbox: pixel art #3 board is 9 tiles wide and 5 tiles tall. Each tile is a 50 pixels square, and each artist received 20 pixel edges from the neighbour tiles.

License and attribution

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License The content is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Your remix must use the same license.

Any remix that you create must contain a back link to the board:

If you cannot put a normal link (for example in a video or image), you have to include the following texts: