Account security

We don't want to have the responsibility of knowing for your password so we leave that to other people who can do a better job.

How signing in works

Let's say you want to sign in with facebook:

  1. You click the little facebook icon in the header.
  2. You get redirected to facebook.
  3. On facebook, if you are not already signed in, you will have to do so.
  4. Facebook will ask you if you want to allow tzgila to access your basic information (we use nickname, name, profile picture).
  5. If you click yes, facebook will let us know you have signed in and who you are.

Information we collect

Special note only for google authentication: You will be asked to give Tzigla access to your contacts feed. In fact, we'll only use your name and email, and we're not going to access your contacts. Unfortunately, this is the only way google allows us to authenticate you.

Supported accounts

You can sign in with tzigla with just one click (ok, two clicks the first time, but then just one) by using your facebook, twitter or google account.

We are also providing one click sign in for users of the pixelation forum through a special integration.

More help

You may also want to read more about tzigla and how it works.