About tzigla

Tzigla is for collaborative drawings

Specifically, the type of drawing where several artists create tiles that connect to each other to finally result in a complete drawing. The fun part is that they only see a small margin of the surrounding tiles so the results end up quite surreal.

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Tzigla was lovingly created by two smashing developers:


Some people (ok, most) call the type of collaborative drawing that tzigla enables an exquisite corpse, but we think that sounds nasty. So we're going for collaborative drawing instead.

Back in 2001 there was a great site called tiles.ice.org and they called these things quilts.

Since the old tiles.ice.org site kinda died, we've been meaning to remake it using newer and nicer technologies. But for a few years the idea just sat alone, forgotten, in a corner of our minds.

Until, one random day, when we stumbled upon the Hexquisite Collab II on the pixelation forum. We then realised that they were great people doing great drawings and also that they were spending a great amount of time doing things manually, when a computer could do the boring parts much easier.

For the next few weeks, we worked in the evenings to make a basic version of tzigla and showed it to the pixelation users. They loved it! And we've loved improving it ever since.

Terms and license

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